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Important things you need to know before starting the FODMAP Method

  • Phase 1 (elimination phase) is a short-term investigative period that is not a permanent eating pattern.

  • If you need a meal plan suited to you, it would be helpful if you provide your dietitian, with at least, a rough idea of what your daily meals and snacks look like in reasonable detail.

  • A food and symptoms diary will be helpful to give the dietitian insight into what’s impacting your gut as well as a glimpse into your usual eating pattern to make a suitable meal plan for you.

  • You may plan your meals using the low-fodmap app and refer questions to your dietitian as you are doing the diet. Support from a dietitian is invaluable as you go through the different phases of the diet. Questions always pop up.

  • You MUST progress to phase 2 of the FODMAP method which is the reintroduction phase. When you challenge these high FODMAPs back into the diet, you will figure out the doses at which you are tolerant. This liberates the restrictiveness of the elimination diet and expands your food options preventing any nutrient deficiencies from a long-term restrictive pattern as well as freeing you from any unnecessary food avoidance at social gatherings and daily meals.

  • It is beneficial to work out a personalized eating pattern with your dietitian in phase 3 of the FODMAP method. Your dietitian will also be able to discuss suitable ways you can manage future flare-ups.

  • You will benefit from rechallenging some high FODMAPs into the diet after some time as your gut microbiome changes as you change the quality of your diet and it would be worth testing to see if you can tolerate them once again.

  • Be kind to your dietitian. We are not miracle workers and don’t always have all the answers at our fingertips. Sometimes we have to take a second to analyze the diet properly before drawing up meal plans for you or figuring out what is happening.

  • The more details you give your dietitian regarding your daily meals the better it is for them to help you investigate.


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