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Oh, My Brain !!

Eating processed food has become part of our lives. Movie or game nights, social settings, and emotional times can get interesting or "better" with them. Think chips, M&Ms, buttered popcorn, ice creams and gummy worms, or perhaps sausages, pepperoni pizzas, pies, and fizzy and/or alcoholic beverages. All those colours and flavours. Processed foods bring a lot of joy!!

But, in fact, there is nothing really great about processed foods except that we love how they taste, feel, smell and look. Processed foods aren’t really gut-loving. They don’t even keep us satiated for long. They cause havoc in our bloodstream and maybe even give us a fatty liver and some blocked arteries and yet we give them so much importance. We spend money on them and spend money on managing their damages.

If we love ourselves, why are we giving these troublemakers a place in our lives?

I can think of one thing Our BRAIN and how we perceive these colours, textures, flavours and scents.

It is really impossible to not like processed foods. Well, I am kidding myself if I say that I can resist them. So, what do we do? Great question, isn’t it? Well, I think it is 😉

My top tips are:

  • Add gut-loving foods into the mix

  • Prioritize gut-loving foods first

  • Half and half processed food with gut-loving foods

  • Increase gut-loving foods and decrease processed foods over time

  • Learn the benefits of gut-loving foods

  • Stock up on gut-loving foods

  • Try new gut-loving recipes

Wouldn’t that be a great start?

Rather than fighting the brain on how you perceive processed foods why not simply give some importance to gut-loving foods? Think about what you can add over what to cut out. We always crave things we don’t have and demonizing processed foods would only make us crave them more from experience!!

Do you know a lot about YOUR gut-loving foods?

Come chat with me @i-on-nutrition 😊

Note to friends who struggle with how you perceived foods, Speak with a professional who can help you through this..Don't do this alone !!


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