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The Diabetes Journey

Ready, Set, Go & Reset

Do you live with Diabetes? Are you managing it the right way? It is not too late to learn, relearn and take control. Here’s an essential list for you.

· Eat from the food groups to be nourished

· Meet recommended serves from each foods group

· Learn what the daily serves are for each food group

· Include a monthly variety from each food group

· Have balanced meals

· Learn about the different types of carbohydrates

· Know which foods provide carbohydrates

· Eat mostly unrefined carbohydrates

· Learn how to count carbohydrate in grams or exchanges

· Spread out your carbohydrate intake throughout the day

· Manage carbohydrate load at each meal and snack

· Pick suitable starchy foods

· Learn about fruit and blood glucose levels

· Learn about foods with a low glycaemic index

· Include foods that have a low glycaemic index

· Pick good quality meats, chicken and marine foods

· Use healthy fats

· Learn about plant proteins and how to include them

· Learn about the various diets and pick the right one for yourself

· Understand the benefits or adverse impact of a low carbohydrate diet

· Know the carbohydrate load on your plate and aim to not overload when eating out

· Learn how to manage nocturnal blood glucose

· Understand how to manage alcohol intake

· Learn how exercise impacts your diabetes management

· Learn how sleep impacts your diabetes management

· Learn how to manage your diabetes on sick days

· Learn how stress impacts your blood glucose levels

· Understand what your medications do to manage your blood glucose levels

· Understand how to manage diet and medication/insulin

· Learn about the complications of poorly controlled blood glucose levels

· Visit all your specialists and include your friendly dietitian

There’s so much (much more) to learn or relearn. Update your management plan yearly.

Build your knowledge on diabetes management. “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”

One dietitian visit is insufficient to learn these. Get your annual individualised management plan.

This is a journey!!


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