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Stronger together

This blog is not nutrition related. Today I would like to share another personal experience with you in the hopes that it would empower you to be stronger then you are now.

As a kid, I was not the best at sport. I was one of “those kids” who would give excuse letters from home with the slightest illness (which was real btw) and got away with. When I attended pre-university (year 11 equivalent) I became involved with my school’s netball team (not sure how that happened). To my teammates horror, my coach was a wonderful human who let me remain on the team even though I was the worst player but she did not teach me the skills I needed. I played netball for a year; not motivated, not being dedicated, not improving my skills, playing for all the wrong reasons and quit.

Fast forward to the last three years. I joined a senior’s team at a local netball club (my second family) and had to learn the rules all over again. My coach and teammates helped me play a better game. This time, it was different. I had experienced more serious ups and downs of life and had learnt to value and use my time well; This time I was doing it to stay fit. This time I was determined to do my best, week after week, because I have two pairs of eyes watching me (my kids) and learning from my behaviour which only motivates me more. So, I have some questions I’d like to pose.

Why do we do the things we do? What drives us to do them? What motivates us to do them well? What causes us to mess up? When did we start messing up? or When did we get our breakthrough? How did it happen? These are some important secret questions we’ve got to ask ourselves.

Once we face our truth we will know what needs to be different. We are ready to make a change in our lives whatever that may be. It could be being more active, changing a diet pattern, improving lifestyle and habits, getting help or simply slowing down and taking some time off to ‘smell the flowers’. Then we must seek help.

I’d like to think that it not only takes a village to raise a kid but it also takes a community to empower an adult. No man is an island. Together was can make a bigger difference.


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