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Gut feeling

Have you been caring for your micro-creatures living in your gut? Or have you been neglecting them to death? Sounds dramatic, right? But, think about it…

These microscopic creatures that train your immune system from birth; that build immune function; that assist with digestion and help produce vitamins; that contribute to the provision of fuel to your body; that coats your gut with health and plays a role in protecting your body from risk factors and diseases, don’t they deserve your attention?

If you were to feed these brilliant creatures with whole foods instead of ultra-processed foods rich in additives, preservatives, added sugars, fat and salt don’t you think they will have a greater chance at survival, away from the latter environment of enemies out to destroy them?

Don’t they also deserve the right to bright beautiful colours of fresh vegetables and fruits in the recommended serves of 5 and 2 respectively?

Wouldn’t it be selfish to deprive them a beautiful garden-like environment rich in fibre such as wholegrains and legumes?

Think about how they might benefit from treats which could possibly add value to them such as the probiotic natural plain yogurt or fermented kefir?

Can’t they have all the best flavours naturally found in herbs and spices and having a weekly variety from a range of seafood and lean poultry instead of killing them with heaps of processed red meat?

Love your gut creatures; they feel everything you dish out to them.

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