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Christmas Cheer !!

What are your plans for this festive season? I have planned to enjoy each day as it comes and to be thankful for family, friends and life. The challenges I have faced this year has only made me stronger, wiser and humble. I have learnt to acknowledge and appreciate the smaller things in life. I have learnt that being nourished with positivity is a necessity to get through these strange times. I have learnt that there is no deadline for fulfilling personal goals and to take my time to enjoy life to the fullest. I have learnt the true meaning of peace and happiness.

For anyone living with a chronic disease, have symptoms that affects daily living or any other challenges that have impacted the way you can enjoy food, remember to be kind to yourself. Eat your favourite foods, being mindful of what is crucial for your health. There is more to life than what is on your plate.

Apple sauce is not for me; Sugar plums, I just can’t see

Vinegar is quite a bore and Pavlovas I just adore

I don’t care what it says, I know it is just some days

Let me eat the things I love and leave the guilt at the curb

This is always here to stay; there’s no point in being dismayed

Step by step I’ll get through this and learn more ways to manage it

Christmas time is meant for fun and not a place for doom and gloom

New Year brings a lot of hope so keep that candle glowing gold.

-Joanna Aaron

Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


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